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Oreca Adventure Tours

Our story

Oreca Adventure Tours is a local Tour Operator and Destination Management Brand in Vietnam and Indochina. Our team includes a group of local travel experts who are most excellent and have spent 10 years touring and researching travelers' taste to elaborately design and customize trips with unique, awesome and unparalleled experiences. We are young, enthusiastic, experienced and would like to turn our passion into creating unbeatable value in this industry and after all take responsibility with our society. Our key products focus on tailor-made trips including all activities from classic tours to off the beaten track adventures which promise to meet the demand of any discovery-hungry travelers.

ORECA is similarly pronounced like a famous exclamation "Eureka" attributed to the great scientist Archimedes when he found the historic floating theory. We turn this idea into ORECA as our travel brand with the key purpose to make every visitor to Vietnam and Indochina exclaim when they find us, and they know we are their right choice that leads them to get significant and unforgettable travel experiences in this oriental pearl of the world. With regard to our concept, ORECA stands for: